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  • Monday, 06 September 2010 21:12
  • 3 weeks ago

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I love sports.. I roll with Dallas Cowboys, UNC Tarheels, and Atl Braves all day!

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Hometown: sc

Current City: columbia

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Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta Braves

New Orleans Hornets

South Carolina Gamecocks

North Carolina Tar Heels

RL23 Roster
  • RL23 | 23 days ago
    3 days until the Gamecocks take the field..! Let's go
  • RL23 | 40 days ago
    Lebron traded in Wade and Bosh for Love and Kyrie...! Right back in the finals
  • RL23 | 62 days ago
    Wiggins for Love would you do it?
    Andrew Wiggins Official Kansas Mixtape ᴴᴰ 05:15
    Andrew Wiggins epic highlights as a Kansas Jayhawk. Enjoy!
  • RL23 | 64 days ago
    NBA Lance Stephenson to the Hornets good signing!
  • RL23 | 64 days ago
    S/O to Derek Jeter salute..!
  • RL23 | 65 days ago
    Back up and running..! S/O to King James returning home..!!
  • RL23 | 92 days ago
    4-1 spurs..! The heat got some work to do this offseason..
  • RL23 | 168 days ago
    NBA So what im still leaning towards thunder heat in finals... Just dont think spurs can beat thunder and Pacers SMH
  • RL23 | 241 days ago
    NFL Broncos Seahawks my picks today! One more hour!
  • RL23 | 246 days ago
    NBA Almost turn up time NBA lets go.... Thunder!
  • RL23 | 246 days ago
    These weekend matchups will be epic!! I can't even call it right now waiting till Friday!
  • UNC80 | 249 days ago
    RL23 Yooooo FWM bro
    RL23 My man whats good246 days ago
  • NY | 249 days ago
    RL23 what up fam been a min homie
  • RL23 | 255 days ago
    NBA It's early but if Westbrook comes back 100 they can get that championship!
  • RL23 | 255 days ago
    NFL Peace Eagles! Out the playoffs! Cowboys!
    NY them cowboys aint even go tho249 days ago
  • RL23 | 257 days ago
    ncaafb Clemson over Ohio State in the Orange Bowl tonight!
  • RL23 | 257 days ago
    ncaafb Down goes Bama! Wow
  • RL23 | 259 days ago
    Johnny Manziel AMAZING Touchdown Pass vs Duke 00:45
    Johnny Manziel scrambles after the escape and finds the open receiver, Travis Labhart, for the TD pass as Texas A&M plays Duke in the Chick-Fil-A- ...
  • RL23 | 262 days ago
    Mannnn its over!
    Anderson Silva BROKEN LEG IN FIGHT VS CHRIS WEIDMAN SCARY / Перелом ноги 00:16
    Unbelievable Moment in UFC History UFC 168 (28.12.13) It's a pity...
  • RL23 | 262 days ago
    Man Silva is done that is wild!
  • RL23 | 263 days ago
    mlb I should've played this sport they handing out millions by the 200! Anyway Braves tho all day! A-rod have a seat
  • RL23 | 263 days ago
    ncaabb Tarheels Tareels but it is a good freshman class this gonna be a good season finally for NcaaBB
  • RL23 | 263 days ago
    NBA My boy Westbrook out to after all star break this cant be real all these injuries!
  • RL23 | 263 days ago
    NFL Cowboys!! Lets go no Romo lets still get that W! We have to at least make playoffs this year!
  • RL23 | 955 days ago
    added a new video Charles Barkley with the LeBron Headband (HD)
    Charles Barkley with the LeBron Headband (HD) 01:17
    Sir Charles Barkley with the Lebron headband
    kvince Lol955 days ago
  • RL23 | 956 days ago
    added a new video What Happened To Chad Ochocinco?
    What Happened To Chad Ochocinco? 08:59
    Eric Mangini, Stephen A. Smith, and Skip Bayless discuss Chad Ochocinco's bad season with the Patriots.
    kvince he fell so hard!!!!956 days ago
  • RL23 | 956 days ago
    added a new video Chad Ochocinco Speaks Humbly at Super Bowl XLVI
    Chad Ochocinco Speaks Humbly at Super Bowl XLVI 04:07
    Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco speaks to NFL Networks' Deion Sanders about his progression as a man personally, professionally and spirituality.
    kvince i like his honesty!
    956 days ago
  • RL23 | 958 days ago
    Knicks haven't looked good all yr but I still woundnt wanna play them in the playoffs! No sir!
  • RL23 | 960 days ago
    Im ready to see Duke!
  • RL23 | 961 days ago
    uploaded a new avatar
  • RL23 | 961 days ago
    Where the SB picks at?? I got Giants 27-24
    UNC80 Patriots 31-17959 days ago
  • RL23 | 962 days ago
    added a new video Rise of the Euro Step
    Rise of the Euro Step 06:18
    Brought to the NBA by Sarunas Marciulionis, the Euro Step was popularized by San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili. Game highlights of Manu Ginobil ...
  • RL23 | 962 days ago
    Bulls will beat the heat today... Write that down!
    YM21Jones Possibe but these heat are playing lights out962 days ago